Krogen 58 'Fat Bottomed Girl'

On board Krogen orientation and instruction by Captain Jerry Taylor for new owners Jackie and Dave Kettering

October 2010

"I began the weekend slightly nervous about having someone we barely knew spend the weekend on our boat. I'm an average cook and wanted to please my guests, offer them good food, make them feel at home and not disappointed they took the job. It was amazing how in a matter of minutes, all the nervousness went away and felt like we had known them for years. You have a way of making people feel comfortable as well as a gift for teaching. We began our training which was one day in the engine room, a half day solving head issues (unplanned of course) and a half day boat and line handling. I didn't know what to expect. I was completely intimidated by the thought of venturing into the engine room, however after a few hours I was amazed by how much I learned. I have no doubt that I could easily change an impeller, fuel filter, hoses, strainers, water pump, etc. all by myself. This is a big accomplishment since I'm a woman with absolutely no mechanical ability at all. You took intimidation and turned it into confidence. You both found maintenance items that could have been detrimental in an open water situation, that were overlooked by our surveyors just thirty days prior when we purchased the boat. I also learned a lot about a very stinky, nasty issue "The Heads". Somehow, believe it or not, I actually had a good time dealing with the issue. Again, if we were out by ourselves, I would have a good idea what to do.

I have to give special kudos's to Wendy for her knowledge and expertise of marine parts, it was empowering to walk around West Marine with her (several times) and watch her do her stuff. Those poor boys at West didn't have a clue who they were dealing with. She can devour a West catalogue and find whatever you need in a matter of seconds like a real pro.

Now we move on to boat handling, line handling and my favorite; the knot tying lessons. Even though we have several boats, one being much larger than our Krogen 58, they are all twin screws. This is the first single screw boat that my husband David had driven. He was very confident in his abilities but having your guidance made the experience a much more relaxed training session. I'm sure if we would have been on our own, his shirt would have shown much more perspiration than it did. As you know I made up for the perspiration for him, I looked like a red sweating beet running around tying up those lines. I was more nervous than he was for sure. But I now know the difference between a bow, breast, spring and stern line and how to properly tie up in any wind or current condition. Just so you know, David and I have still been practicing our knot tying lessons, and guess what? I still beat him every time!!!

We look so forward to our next trip together, which will hopefully be within the next two weeks to further our training. This time we'll actually be in open water (whoo Hoo).

I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy and Jerry Taylor to anyone! Your level of professionalism and overall boating knowledge is second to none. Thank you for a wonderful experience and we look forward to many more".

Jackie and Dave Kettering

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