Zimmerman 36 'Growler'

Delivered 3 times between Annapolis, MD and South Florida by Captain Jerry Taylor for Bill and Laurene Parlatore, owners of Passagemaker Magazine

"We find the delivery services of Captain Jerry and Wendy Taylor to be exceptional. Their dedication and high level of professionalism gives us unmatched confidence. They provide surveyor-level attention to detail in all systems and components that are aboard a complex yacht, and we always find she arrives in better shape, spotlessly clean, and thoroughly maintained.

From initial contract to daily communications, we know our boat is carefully attended to, and there is real value in that. Their extensive experience on larger yachts always seems to highlight better, often simpler solutions that make 'Growler' a better boat.

We highly recommend the services of Captain Jerry and Wendy Taylor."

Bill and Laurene

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