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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the costs involved to deliver my boat?

Professional Fees:

Our daily rate, which includes Captain and Mate and our food, is very competitive. Please call 954 205 1613 or email captjtandw@gmail.com for our current rate.


Included in our daily rate    

Dockage Fees:

Overnight dockage fees on the Eastern Seaboard are averaging $2.50 per foot per night as of September, 2019.

Fuel Expense:

We provide an estimate of fuel costs based market pricing and on our most recent experiences.


The costs associated with the least expensive travel necessary to transport the captain, mate and crew to the departure port,and to return home after arrival.

Spare parts, cleaning supplies and other sundries:

As required and specified by the delivery captain for a safe and timely voyage.

Crew: Additional daily rate charged when the delivery requires a third or fourth crew member.

Agents Fees:

Fees charged for entering and clearing foreign ports and for transiting the Panama Canal.

Contingency/Emergency Fund:

Funds available to solve unexpected problems and avoid costly delays due to waiting for money.

Do you provide a detailed estimate?


Based on our 'no surprises' policy and our 30 plus years of experience we will send you an advance estimate of all the expected costs associated with the delivery of your vessel.

What is included in the estimate?     

The estimated number of days required under normal conditions and the associated professional fees.

The estimated dockage fees based on the number of days and planned route.

The estimated fuel costs based on projected mileage, estimated running speeds, and the waters to be traversed.

The estimated costs and methods of transportation for the captain, mate and crew to travel to the vessel and return home.

The estimated costs for necessary spare parts, cleaning supplies, agents fees etc.

A contingency or emergency fund.

Do you have a delivery contract?   


We will send you our simple contract after your approval of the estimate.

Do you work at any other profession other than yacht delivery?


Yacht delivery has been our sole profession for over 30 years.

When and how do I pay for delivery services?

A signed contract and a modest non refundable deposit is required to reserve our services for the estimated time frame.

The balance of the advance payment is due before travel arrangements are made. The advance payment consists of fifty percent of the estimated professional fee, and one hundred percent of the estimated


The final payment is due after the vessel has arrived at the destination.

Payments for professional fees, travel and food can be made by check, PayPal or bank transfer.

Payments for fuel, dockage, spares and emergency funds are normally made using a credit card supplied to the captain by the owner of the vessel.

Am I charged for mechanical or weather delays?


When we agree to deliver your vessel we take full responsibility for the safety of the yacht from the time we take command, to the time the yacht reaches it's final destination. That responsibility is not diminished while the vessel is at the dock waiting out severe weather or undergoing repair work. The daily rate remains the same.

Do you depart immediately upon arrival at the vessel or do you perform a pre-departure check?

Upon arrival at the vessel we perform a thorough inspection, using a detailed check list that we have developed over our years of delivery experience. If no deficiencies are found, we depart as soon as weather permits. If deficiencies are found, we correct them and depart as soon as weather permits.

What happens if repairs are needed during the delivery?

We can handle most day-to-day repairs. If the nature of a particular problem is within our skill set and the necessary parts are on board, we will make repairs. If the problem requires specialized skills or tools, we will hire a technician in the owner's behalf, oversee the work, and pay the technician using an owner-supplied credit card. Whenever repairs are required, we keep the owner apprised,and always provide digital photos of the problem and the repairs to the owner by Email.

What route will you take? Do you always use the ICW?


We feel that it is not prudent to travel the ICW with single-screw vessels drawing more than 7 feet, twin-screw vessels drawing more than 6 feet, or sailing vessels with a mast height greater than 62 feet and/or drawing more than 6 feet. For other vessels being moved along the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast the ICW is frequently a good choice, especially during the winter months when waiting for an offshore weather window may take several days or more. For most yachts being delivered, the slower speed of ICW travel is more than offset by the cost of waiting days, and the additional crew cost required for long offshore passages. In addition, many of the vessels we deliver have just been purchased and are not yet ready for offshore voyaging. We do not travel the ICW at night.

Do you use professional weather services?


We use Ocean Marine Nav inc. when weather service is needed.

How do I know where my boat is?

We send a SPOT position report at the end of each day by email at no charge. You are free to call us for an update at any time as cell phone coverage permits.

Do tools need to be on board?


We travel with our own comprehensive mechanical tool bag and electrical kit, but having a more complete set of mechanical and electrical tools on board can save time, money and even lives.

Can I go on the delivery?


A delivery is not an effective teaching platform. If you would like to take advantage of our teaching services please visit our Yacht Instruction page

If additional crew are needed can I provide my friends and relatives?


We only travel with experienced professional crew we know and trust. Your vessel, our lives and my license are all at stake.

Do I need to change my insurance?


Your insurance company should be informed of your plans. They usually ask to see a copy of the Captain's License and Resume.

Do you clean my boat once the delivery is complete?


Your vessel will be washed and the interior left in a clean and orderly manner. All linens will be washed and any perishable food disposed of. The fuel and water tanks will be full for the owners arrival.

Do you provide a trip log and accounting?


As part of the final invoice you will be provided with a complete accounting that includes scanned receipts or all expenditures. A scanned copy of the log and a list of items requiring attention will also be suppled at this time. This has become known as "The Dreaded List!!" The list ensures that the owner will not arrive at his boat to find some unpleasant surprise that occurred during the delivery but was never mentioned.

How do I begin the process of having Jerry and Wendy Taylor deliver my boat?

Call or email us now.

954 205 1613     captjtandw@gmail.com