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Tayor Yacht Instruction

Hands-on Instruction Aboard Your Vessel

The ONLY Teaching Service that Uses a Manual Customized for You and Your Boat

Why would you need Taylor Yacht Instruction?

Unsure of your ability to outfit and operate your just purchased trawler or motor yacht? Are you anxious about the confidence level of your spouse? Do you need to satisfy the experience requirements requested by your insurance company? Are you searching for a comfortable, enjoyable, natural way to gain confidence and experience aboard your trawler? Are you searching for a training experience that uses a manual to provide the opportunity for future reference? Are you comfortable with engine room trouble-shooting, maintenance and management, including identifying spare parts requirements, procurement, inventory and stowage?

Any or all of the above? Then Taylor Yacht Instruction is for you.

What Will You Do?

We will share with you our experience of over 38 years and over 260,000 sea miles travelled, the equivalent of ten times around the globe. These miles have been covered on a wide variety of vessels, many of which have been large single engine trawlers.

Your course length will be tailored to your current skill level, with no minimum number of days. We will work with you until you are ready to solo.

You will gain confidence and experience with hands-on instruction on board your own vessel, eliminating 'big boat intimidation' and creating a 'comfort zone' with regards to close quarters boat handling and docking. You will learn in modular sessions aimed at building your confidence, developing your boat handling skills and stressing the importance of safety, preparation and maintenance. You will use and complete your personalized vessel operations manual.

Where and When Can You, We Do It?

We will train you on board your vessel, whether you need an introduction to boating, a brush up on boat handling, help preparing for a cruise, or assistance in solving problems. You will learn in familiar comfortable surroundings, on your schedule and in the location of your choice.


What Areas are Covered in the Training Course?

Section One: Equipment and Systems

Safety Equipment and Procedures

Engine Room and Bilge including Main Engine(s) and Generator

Fuel System

Hydraulic System

Steering System

Engine Control System

Section Two: Equipment and Systems

Fresh Water System

Grey Water System

Black Water System

AC Electrical

DC Electrical

Navigation Systems

Section Three: Getting Under Way

Line Handling and Knots

Pre Departure Check List

Deck Safety

Docking and Undocking

Close Quarters Maneuvering

Piloting and navigation

Picking Up a Mooring


Tender launch and retrieving

What will it cost?

We charge a daily rate that includes our food.                               Travel costs to and from the boat and hotel charges are additional.

You will be surprised at how affordable our invaluable hands-on instruction and skilled assistance can be. Compared to the cost of boating without the skills, training and knowledge required for safe and fun boating, our charges can truely be an investment in your peace of mind and well-being for years to come.

We Can't Begin Our Instruction Until Survey Items are Satisfied. Can You Help With This?

We can generate a work list using the survey and recommendations made from our over 38 years of experience. With your input this list will be prioritized and vendors suggested. We will complete any tasks within our comfort level and oversee the remainder. We charge by the hour for this service.

Can My Instruction Be Combined With My Vessel's Delivery?

No, we have found that teaching during the frequently rigorous process of getting your boat to it's destination is ineffective. Instruction should take place in basic segments, in one location, with attention focused on systems, maintenance, up close boat handling and safety requirements.    

Client Comments

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Ron and Michelle Hall - Krogen 48 'Spirit Journey'

"Not bragging, just reporting on the great training from you two in Stuart .....

Maria Brown - GB 42 'Water Lily'

"Jerry and Wendy Taylor possess a vast amount of knowledge .....

Al and Sue Gonzalez - GB 42 'Suroan'

"It is hard to imagine we have cruised over 2300 miles during the last .....   

Tina and Gary Bald - Nordhavn 55 'Cathexis'

"Jerry and Wendy, just wanted to say hi and thank you again for your great help in preparing us to handle our beautiful boat .....

Pat and Becky McDonald - Selene 48 'Turas'

"Hands down the best investment I have ever made in all my boating years .....

Bill and Joyce Craig - Californian 45 'Idle Time'

"Last year Wrightsville Beach, this year Clearwater Beach! We have come a long way and still think of you and how much you .....

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