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Californian 45 'Idle Time'

On board orientation and training by Captain Jerry Taylor for new owners Joyce and Bill Craig

January 2013

"Happy New Year!

Last year Wrightsville Beach, this year Clearwater Beach! We have come a long way and still think of you and how much you helped us."

Joyce and Bill

December 2011/January 2012

"Our first boat and we with very little experience needed to relocate it from Georgetown, SC to Gloucester Point, VA. Jerry and Wendy Taylor to the rescue --- their challenge was to teach us how to prepare, maintain and operate our boat while at the same time we progressed north.

Training started with a thorough examination of the boat, it's systems and equipment including instructions on how and when to service and operate each major system.  Then we learned boat handling, engine room checks and navigation.  As we progressed we were taught planning, communications, fueling operations, docking procedures and line handling.

We had a few minor problems: a bilge pump failed, a water line broke, and one of the rudder tiller arms decided to come loose. Jerry's experience and skill was there to make the repairs before any serious damage occurred.  We learned the importance of system maintenance and inspection.

We had a great time, we learned the basics of handling our boat, and we arrived safely in Hampton, VA where Jerry and Wendy completed their challenge and departed for home.  We now had the confidence to proceed on our own to Gloucester Point, VA which we successfully accomplished later that day.  What a fantastic trip!

Based on our experience we would strongly recommend Jerry and Wendy to anyone with a similar need to develop the knowledge and skill to operate their 'new' boat".

Joyce and Bill Craig

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